The Most Important Free Hacks on Tinder

7. Unlimited rewinds

I always hated it when I’m eating my favorite snacks and take the phone with my oily hands wanting to check what’s new on Tinder, swiping someone left in the process who totally deserved to be swiped right.


We had to capitalize on these since ads are Satan’s emissaries sent to us to cause extreme pain and suffering!

(Just be a little bit more patient and you’ll get what you came for – the info on how to tell if someone likes you on Tinder. )

Tinder Gold – Game-Changers

And the Likes You feature is the answer to your question on how to see who likes you on Tinder?.

With Tinder Gold, as soon as you log in/open Tinder app either on your Android, Amazon, or Apple (iOS) device, you will immediately see those who liked your profile.

This is one of the differences compared to Plus or Basic since they do not have this feature, so the design of the front page is different.

This sole feature does wonders since it has shown to be 20% more helpful in matching people compared to the standard swiping right and hoping and waiting for the same reaction on the other side.

The best thing of all – you can automatically match all of the people from the Likes You section and spare yourself a substantial amount of time.

Of course, you don’t have to communicate with all of them. Statistically, dating sites usernames a girl will receive messages from only 39% of boys she is matched with.

Fun fact: 1 of 3 guys are so daring (or, rather, disrespectful) to ask for sex directly when writing to girls on Tinder.

Naturally, even with this feature, you’ll still be able to use the basic version and check out the list of people that weren’t that bold to swipe you right.

Now you know everything relating to how to tell who liked you on Tinder having in mind that it is a paid upgrade.

The great thing is that you choose whether to ignore or swipe right all of them or select only those you find the most appealing.

And, About the Money?

You can start with the monthly subscription (the most expensive option), but there are also the options to subscribe for half or a full year.

I know it doesn’t sound quite appealing that you need to pay for this without knowing for sure that it gets things done.

Anyhow, the six-month upgrade is some $, and if you were to opt for a full-year upgrade, such pleasure will cost $10 a month.

But we know you little crooks out there always wanting to cheat the system and get as much as possible without paying for it, also how to see who liked you on Tinder without paying.

You will not be able to get Tinder gold for free and access all of the features that it offers.

So, I imagine you’ve been researching and asking around how to get Tinder Gold free but, as I said, you cannot do this.

OFL exclusive offers – Check all of them

Before I give you the exact steps on how to trick Tinder and get the info you need (i.e. Who likes me on Tinder?, how to know who super liked you on Tinder), let me tell you that for both of these hacks you will need a PC and the Google Chrome browser.

Of course, that’s not the primary goal of the desktop version, but this is why we need it for the time being.